Forza 5 and Ryse to be Xbox 720 launch titles

Microsoft is going to push Crytek’s Ryse as their mega launch title for the next Xbox.

There are also rumours of Forza 5 being the launch title as well, and that shouldn’t be a surprise if it’s true. The rumours come from The Verge who are usually very credible when it comes to Microsoft related information.

Ryse has Kinect functionality and will take advantage of the improved sensor that will be shipped with the console. There’s full body tracking so you can hack and slash at the enemies in real time.

Crytek has been rewriting the game according to the site’s sources, and you can be sure of one thing that the visuals will be phenomenal considering the studio’s pedigree.

There are also some family titles that will be launched alongside the Xbox 720. They were planning to hold the reveal event on May 21st.

Via The Verge.