First Look at GT Sport Thrustmaster Steering Wheel

Here’s your first look at GT Sport Thrustmaster Steering wheel which was displayed at the recent Gran Turismo Sport event in London where we got tons of details on the game including the release date.

The wheel does not have a name yet but it looks to be the successor of Thrustmaster RS 500 which was a premium wheel costing around $500. The wheel for GT Sport looks lot more premium and could be priced higher although we doubt it.

Currently Logitech G29 has PS4 support and there has been no update whether G27 will work on the PS4, and Logitech have not announced a new wheel so presumably G29 will be the wheel to go for if you are looking for a different brand other than Thrustmaster.

GT Sport steering wheel from Thrustmaster looks premium with chrome dials and there are also PlayStation buttons along with analog sticks. You can take a look at the wheel in the video above. (Thanks, Team VVV)

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