Firmware 2.0 PS4 News coming soon, Will Release after that

ps4 featured 1

The PS4 is on the backfoot when it comes to regular updates compared to the Xbox One. Sony have been saying that they will be releasing new features soon, especially things like standby and resume, DLNA support and more.

The Xbox One is already confirmed to be receiving all these features in October and it looks like PS4 users don’t have to wait much longer because firmware 2.0 news is coming soon according to a reliable insider Tidux.

He tweeted: “News on 2.0 incoming soon. The FW will release soon after.”

He has been right in the past so there’s no reason not to believe him. Hopefully, the PS4 gets features that made the PS3 such a good machine, the users deserve it.

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  • Maurice Samuels

    I want PS4K enabled!

  • Punkindrublic1

    MP3’s added would be nice as well as Playstation share. Can’t wait for that.

  • Rob

    I like the share play option that has been discussed. Hopefully they will someday allow PSN users to change their PSN names.

    • The Yesterday Men

      Today IGN addressed that, so I hope Sony heard our cries. :)