Final Fantasy XV will take you 40 hours to Beat

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We know the Final Fantasy XV demo will give players an hour of gameplay or more, but what about the full game? Generally Final Fantasy games usually take you around 30-40 hours and it will be the same case with Final Fantasy XV.

Director Hajime Tabata has revealed that it will take you around 40 hours or more to beat the game. In comparison, Final Fantasy XIII took around the same time to clear.

“I think in general the play time is about an hour. However, that’s if you use the car to get around,” He told Dengeki.

“By the way, you can also play it for additional challenges, so you can spend more time with it. For example, in order to obtain a strong weapon, you can venture into the dungeon that has monsters stronger than the ones above ground.”

The demo will not contain spoilers and will give a special surprise to Final Fantasy fans at the end. The demo only contains 1/40th of the full game’s content.

“I’m assuming that the actual game will take about 40 hours to clear, so comparing it in simple terms, the demo is about 1/40th of the actual game’s content.”

Earlier it was revealed that the game was only 50-60% complete and the demo was 70-80% complete. More details on the day and night cycle, battle system have also been revealed.

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  1. YogiGRB

    October 19, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    can’t wait for this game, love FF

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