Final Fantasy XV Lead Designer Reveals Why Nomura Left The Game

final fantasy xv noctis

Tetsuya Nomura was originally the director of Final Fantasy XV. The whole game was made according to his vision but he was replaced by Hajime Tabata last year and we’ve seen some changes to the game.

Now naturally there’s speculation that Square Enix didn’t want him as director among other things, but lead designer of Final Fantasy XV Wan Hazmer has revealed that he left because he wanted to concentrate on Kingdom Hearts 3.

In reply to a question about Nomura, he revealed: “Whoa there, we are still following his direction on the universe, characters etc. so his vision plays a very big role in FFXV. He was never kicked out, in fact far from it.

He has to pay full attention to Kingdom Hearts III, another game that is in dire need for release, so the company has left the rest of the production of FFXV to my director Tabata-san.”

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