Final Fantasy XV: Here are some details on Noctis and His Friends

final fantasy xv promo art

We have some new details on Noctis and his gang. Square Enix released a new trailer recently that shows the gang in action as they go on a journey for something which we don’t know yet.

The game’s demo will be playable on March 20th and you can check out how the game has come together then. For now, here’s some new information on Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus.

There’s also Stella who we got to see in the new trailer, but information is scarce on her. But one thing’s for sure though, she looks gorgeous.

Check out the images below (press next)

gladiolus amicita 1

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  • Trim Dose

    Ignis Stupeo ?, whats next Tidus Fakeur ? Sigfried Idioto ? :D, almost 10 years and you SE couldn’t come with better names ? Stupeo lolol

    • Blackmaile

      Stop moaning and be happy the game has come to light after over 7 years!

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        I know right; bunch of brats. They ought to go back to the earlier titles and see if they have the balls to finish ’em if they think that this one will be ridiculous.

    • ChatWraithPsi

      Stupeo is latin for “amazing/great” ala the word “Stupendous”.

      The word “stupefied” means stunned in amazement, coming from the similar word “Stupere” meaning stunned or amazed.

      “Stupid” is adapted to mean ‘lacking intelligence’, when in reality, it means stunned. In old literature, you might note people being called ‘stunned stupid’ or ‘scared stupid’ = stunned, unable to act. Over time that has become “Unable to think, or act” and then “Unable to think”.

      • Trim Dose

        So is fine that I go around the world telling people you are such Stupeo!! ? instead you are amazing ?, sorry dude I will pass :D

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Interesting profiles for each of them. I wonder what the accident was that turned him into who he is now…maybe it has to do with the crystals?