Final Fantasy XV Has Performance Issues on PS4 Pro

final fantasy xv noctis

We’ve gotten our hands on Final Fantasy XV and the game looks pretty stunning on the PS4 Pro. However, we are disappointed at the fact that the performance is really jarring and the game struggles when there are a lot of enemies.

The game offers two modes high and lite, which optimises the game for graphics and performance, but lite doesn’t seem to do any difference.

There’s a 7.4GB patch when you install the game which is weird because the game was delayed in the first place to avoid a big patch. The patch is pointless and the game still struggles at certain points. If you rotate the camera fast, you’ll immediately notice the frame rate problems.

It’s not unplayable but it can get a little getting used to before you start ignoring it. These problems are widespread and hopefully Square Enix releases another patch to fix it.

People who have bought the Pro for this game might feel a little disappointed. The game comes out on November 29th. You can find it if you look hard because it was leaked 12 days ago in certain countries.

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  • DEVILTAZ35 .

    Weird as other reviewers said the pro is smooth and ordinary ps4 had performance issues. Digital foundry found the standard PS4 was the one that didn’t hold up as well.

  • Andy Milenovic

    Looks pretty bad on Xbox One S upscaled on 4k TV.