Final Fantasy XV Has Gone Gold For Real, New ‘Omen’ Trailer is Dark and Stunning


Yes, you’ve heard that right. Final Fantasy XV has finally gone gold, after 10 years when it was first announced. The game certainly has come a long way before it was renamed to Final Fantasy 15 from Final Fantasy Versus 13.

As a Final Fantasy fan who has been waiting for this game a long time, this news seems surreal, although, I would have loved to play this game back on September 30th which was its original release date.

The game now comes out on November 30th for the PS4 and Xbox One. You can see the image of game director Hajime Tabata who holds up a copy of the finished game. They have also released a new CG trailer showing what to expect from the game. You can check out the trailer below.

The game offers 40 hours of main story and side story content and is quite beefy, but that is to be expected from a mainline Final Fantasy game.