Final Fantasy XV domain name changed by Square Enix

final fantasy xv noctis

First if you wanted to visit Final Fantasy XV site you would go to the main Square Enix website; not anymore. The game has got its own domain name “”.

This may not seem as an interesting piece of news but considering Square Enix have been awfully quiet about the game, this does seem like the publishing is gearing up to showcase the game more.

TGS is not far away and there’s a chance that this game might be show there but in a limited capacity.

We have much to learn about the status of this game and whether it will be releasing before 2016 or not. If Square Enix does show the game at TGS this year, then Final Fantasy fans can be rest assured that we may actually get to play this game.

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    SE has been quiet? Uh no. In fact there is a great deal of information on it. If you read any of it then you would during its development on PS3 Nomura faced development hell issues, so instead of saying hey we are going to wait 3 years before PS4 comes out. Have fun with while we wait until development switches over. Does that sound like a genius idea?

    • Yeshua’s Disciple

      Jeez who ruffled YOUR feathers. This article IS RIGHT, since the reannouncement of this game last year there hasn’t been much information shown for this game, THAT’S A FACT. Hopefully at TGS we see more.