Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata Wishes People “Happy 2017”, More Content Promised

Final Fantasy XV came out in November and it is a pretty good game but with massive flaws. The main one as noted in our review was the lack of proper story content and activities to do end-game.

Director of the game Hajime Tabata has said that more content is in the pipeline and will be released in 2017. He also wished everyone “Happy 2017″ and released this screenshot of all the bros and gals of FFXV.

Here’s his full statement”

We, the FFXV team, were able to achieve these things because of the warm and strong support of our fans.

I have decided that 2017 is a year of giving back to everyone for their kindness.

There are many players enjoying FFXV in various ways, and nothing makes us happier than this.

To provide a long-lasting and even more enjoyable experience with FFXV for everyone, we will continue to update the game and release DLC.

We ask for your continued support for FINAL FANTASY XV in 2017.

Hajime Tabata

There’s a season pass for the game it provides additional content. There was a holiday update released in December which added new game plus option and other minor updates.

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