Final Fantasy XV demo shown by Hajime Tabata, New Details Arrive

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To everyone’s surprise Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata has shown a demo of Final Fantasy XV. It was shown during a Type-0 HD livestream in Japanese and we also have the download link (18MB)  for you below.

The release date for the demo is uncertain at the point as Square Enix have said that they will announce more details near Type-0 HD’s release date.

Here’s the summary of the streamfrom a GAF member Frumix:

Duscae is a toponym, there’s an area in the game world.
Demo length is about 1 hour, but players might play for about 3 hours.
There’s gonna be a bit of overworld and a dungeon.
Cars in! Chocobos might also be.
No boss battles, because they’re a big deal in the game.
Trying to make distribution date to be the same as Type 0 HD release date.
Ignis was driving in the trailer but you can do it yourself, or you can leave it on auto, so Noctis’ friends will drive it for you.

The Adamantoise that was shown in the trailer can be fought with but it will take a long time.

Rain effects and thing. Detailed to the point where places under objects don’t get wet and when it’s sunny it dries up as you go.
Tech demo they’re showing doesn’t seem to be Duscae, instead it’s the place from E3 2013 trailer where they fought Behemoth.
There is a realistic dynamic day-night cycle complete with lighting thing Ubi was flaunting so much with Watch Dogs.
It’s much snappier than in the trailer.
Fought Behemoth and a bunch of goblins. Party members attacked enemies on their own.
Visual details aren’t completely fine-tuned yet.
Fire spell animation seemed to be based on the shape of the enemy.

Here’s the download link in case you missed the stream.

Thanks GAF.

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