Final Fantasy XV 1.12 Patch Adds Off-Road Driving, Full Details

Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto comes out tomorrow and Square Enix have released a new update on the PS4 which totals to around 8.65GB.

It’s a big update and if you can download it now before the official release you will get to enjoy off-road driving using the Regalia. It is very fun as you can drive over monsters too.

The update for the car is available at Hammerhead and you have got to talk to Cindy to customize the Regalia.

There are also survey results indicating what people selected and what content you can expect in the future. There are also bug fixes in the update which is strange because the game is quite polished.

The game came out last year and has received quite a few upgrades so far. Episode Prompto is the second DLC after Episode Gladiolus which adds some more story to the game.

Here’s our review of the game.

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