Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Alexandar Raid Gear Pics and Video

heavensward alexandar raid gear

At the time of writing this post, Square Enix is doing a maintenance on Final Fantasy XIV: Online and you know what this means. It’s time for the weekly reset and the raid goes live as well.

They’ve released a new video showing what to expect from the raid.

We don’t know what exactly to expect from the raid but people will figure it out pretty soon. There’s going to be two difficulty modes. One normal which everyone can do and one savage mode which is said to be difficult that Heavensward primal extreme but easer than the coil.

The expansion came out on June 23 and the Savage Mode will be unlocked 2 weeks after the normal raid comes out.

You can watch the video below.

  • Adam Young

    no car load of gay emo characters this time ! smart move