Final Fantasy XIII Storms to The Top of Steam ‘Top Sellers’ List

final fantasy xiii steam

Square Enix had just announced the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy for Steam and Final Fantasy XIII has already stormed to the top of the Steam best sellers chart.

This is an impressive achievement that shows PC gamers are quite excited to play the game, and why won’t they? After all it’s a mainline Final Fantasy game.

The game is priced very reasonably at $16 and there’s a $10% offer going on right now which ends on October 9.

The other games in the trilogy will be released before Spring 2015. Final Fantasy XIII was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 to mixed reviews, but one thing everyone agreed on is that the graphics were spectacular, at least on the PS3.

final fantasy xiii steam top

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  • Assesino

    wow 11.7 eu and 80% of pc gamers till gona to rethink to go onselll 1.5$

  • Anonymous

    If by “top” you mean “not even top 10 and below a mobile port of FF IV”

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    Do you think FF XIII will be 40 GB on release for steam? (The PS3 version was 40 GB)

    • Helder

      Says 30gb on Steam. PS3 games have to duplicate many files because of the low blu-ray speed.

  • Lambda

    Its a crap not a game