Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age HD Remaster Announced for PS4

final fantasy xii HD ps4

Square Enix has announced the HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII out of the blue and it will no doubt make lots of Final Fantasy fans happy.

Final Fantasy XII is a critically acclaimed game and a remaster request for it was expected after Final Fantasy X and X2 remaster became a huge hit.

It’s not clear if it is coming on Xbox One and PC too but it has been announced only for the PS4 right now.

The remaster is based on Final Fantasy XII International zodiac job system and features higher resolution background, character model, fonts, 2D parts and movie scenes.

The remaster uses current gen tech and also features 7.1 surround sound and higher quality audio. It also has the option to switch between Japanese and English voice, along with the choice between original BGM and newly recorded BGM.

On the technical side the game features shorter loading time, auto-save feature and turbo mode. We do not know what turbo mode is yet but Square Enix should clarify it soon.

Check out the trailer below.