Final Fantasy XII Remaster: Here’s How to Get Sietengrat Bow

There are many ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy XII and the Sietengrat Bow is one of the best. It has an attack value of over 200 and only the Archer job can use it.

To get it is one of the most difficult and ridiculous things in the game and many players won’t be finding it without a guide. It has a very rare drop chance from a chest and you need a diamond armlet equipped to even have a chance of getting it.

First get a diamond armlet, it is in a chest in the first stage of the trial mode where you fight rats. Then go to the airship and select leisure suit and travel to Nalbina. In the top most section of the airship there will be an invisible chest that will spawn and you will have a chance to get the bow.

However, it is incredibly difficult and here’s a video that shows you how to get it.