Final Fantasy X HD: Original vs Remaster Screenshot Comparison

Square Enix officially confirmed Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD and also released the official screenshots for the first game.

These games contain the international version content so you can expect it to be really packed. Final Fantasy X HD will cost $40 and will be available this year.

This screenshot comparison shows how much effort the company has put on these remasters and it’s a bit surprising that they have also changed Tidus’ model a bit. Lulu’s necklace doesn’t feel attached to her skin anymore, and the overall quality of the environments in the remaster are pretty crisp.

You can also find tons of new screenshots of Final Fantasy X HD. Check out the comparison below.

Final Fantasy X Original 1:

FFX HD 1 original

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 1:

FFX HD 1 remaster

Final Fantasy X Original 2:

FFX HD 2 original

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 2:

FFX HD 2 remaster

Final Fantasy X Original 3:

FFX HD 3 original

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 3:

FFX HD 3 remaster

Final Fantasy X Original 4:

FFX HD 5 original

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 4:

FFX HD 5 remake

Final Fantasy X HD Original 5:

FFX HD 6 original

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 5:

FFX HD 6 remaster

  • MK

    The PS2 version was 4:3, why did you stretch the pictures?

    • Eccentricone

      It’s not stretched, it’s cropped.

      • ThePokeMaster

        Well the first image is clearly stretched.

        • Eccentricone

          It’s from the PAL version which was stretched.

          • KosMos3

            So it was stretched??? Fucking liar.

          • Aidan Murphy

            if you look at any over picture comparison article, the photo is the same. he didn’t stretch the photos.

    • FriezaReturns00001

      The original ps2 version was cropped I’m assuming the resolution when the game was release was incorrect; the new version seem like they improved better lighting around the faces/background and added anti-aliasing. It looks hell-of-alot nicer! :]

    • Jaydencats

      Comparison 2 is a screenshot from my LP. It’s not cropped; I widened the resolution by changing the FOV, so no crop, no stretch.

    • John Leng

      Probably taken in an emulator.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    surly Final Fantasy X HD looks good

  • Blitz

    That is because it’s a screenshot from the PAL version which had the shitty stretched/50HZ version…

  • Zyzxx

    Thank you for the screenshot comparisons. Everything looks so great, although the remastered Tidus looks a bit unusual. Looks like he’s a complete difference character almost. Wakka looks good (almost younger), and Lulu looks gorgeous! I want more HD Rikku and DEFINITELY want to see Jecht!

    Have to say, I kind of gave up on this after not hearing a peep since 2011, but my interested has been rekindled! Especially after hearing that it will include FFX-2 HD and both games will be the international versions! Hurray for no PS2 modding or PCSX2 necessary!

    Now, for some FFX-2 HD screenshots!

    • Edward Himsel

      What’s wrong with PCSX2? I can run it at full speed most of the time even on my laptop. The newer versions of PCSX2 come with widescreen hacks included for FFX and FFX-2, plus being able to save whenever you want, easily take screenshots, and scale up the resolution to whatever your PC can handle is awesome.

  • John

    This is a true HD Remaster. We should really thank Square Enix for putting this much effort when they could have easily just done a shoddy port. Remodeling characters and redoing textures is expensive and time consuming.

    • TVippy

      Thank them? Riiight…

    • King Daniel

      Not really a true one is Zelda Wind Waker HD for Wii U

      • spermin german

        This is a remaster whereas wind waker was completely rebuilt from the ground up as a new game.

    • Pau La

      when I see those screen shots it’s kind of anti-climatic. Was this really worth the effort? FFX already had pretty decent graphics. They would have been better off remaking FFVIII or FFVII for that matter since fans have been crying over it for years. But I think they’re keeping that as a last resort in case money should get tight

      • nem

        Which would have required making a new game from the ground up. It would have taken years and would have pushed back FFXV even more. You can’t just remake PS1 era games like you can mid to late PS2 era.

        • Pau La

          The discussion about remaking 7 has been up for years. They’ve had plenty of time to do it by now.

          • 1adamk

            Time isn’t an issue.

      • God

        VIII sucked and VII is overrated. Besides, it’s easier to do a PS2 game than PS1 due to the possibility of higher resolutions than Standard Def. But Square Enix was lazy with the PS2, no Square Enix game ran in 480p on PS2, even XII which was a late release. Black ran in 480p with no slowdown and that game had ambitious visuals for the comparatively weak PS2.

        PS1 games just run in too low a resolution (for the most part tops off at 240p). Even if you could bump up the resolution, everything pre-rendered takes a huge hit in quality. Pre-rendered backgrounds and cut-scenes most notable. This is why PS1 games look like crap when played on PS3.

        • Edward Himsel

          Actually, FFVII and VIII were both released on STEAM, and you can run them in full HD resolution.

  • Sage

    So annoying that you stretched the pictures and posted low res versions of the HD ones.

  • GeorgeofTGN

    This is the first time I have ever said this phrase regarding any HD collection as I rarely ever see any truly significant changes.


    • Colin Derue

      SOTC/ICO wasn’t good enough for you, eh?

  • Willhelm

    I’m too keen for this. This game started my love for jrpgs.

  • Guest

    I just hope the animations dont look kerky like they did in the original.

  • Cameron Armstrong

    I just hope the animations don’t look jerky like they did in the original.

    • Colin Derue

      i just hope jerks don’t look animatey like they did in the original.

  • Marta Ostrowska

    give me final fantasy 7,9, 12 remaster for ps3 or ps4 !!! i pay any money :)

  • Valefor0

    I like the character models for the ps2 verson better :( Tidus and Auron look alot better on the ps2 verson!

  • Daniel Sheridan

    The hd is generally an improvement, but the colouring and lighting arn’t as good in my opinion.

    • DAN

      this, the coloring and lighting change is most noticable in the second images… hopefully there’s a color setting in the config… or that these screenshots just aren’t doing the final product justice

      • Daniel Sheridan

        Hope your right. The new character models certainly look good, though I think they changed Tidus’s face far too much.

  • Taggme

    now to do this with skyrim… xD (compare PC with enb’s and a handful of mods to… Xbox lol)

  • ote choi

    Nice , the FMV’s are gonna be in HD ?

  • yujirorasy

    they need to remove the part when Yuna kiss that shit guy (even writing his name annoy me). i still remember it even after 12 years. goddammit.

    • Colin Derue

      thats how you know it was a good game.

    • Edward Himsel

      You mean Tidarse?

  • ray

    waka looks 10kg lighter in the HD version lol

  • Jeffrey Kuhl

    They remodeled the characters…not stretched. Even SE says they remodeled.

  • pouncebounce

    Wow Lulu really benefited out of this then any other character. She’s like a new person.

  • Anonymous

    Actually i think the HD graphics lost a lot of the depth the previous had…. sure they have sharper textures…. but working in the graphic field myself i think the lighting and atmosphere run a bit short in the HD version….

    A greeted effort none the less, thank you sqaure ;-)

  • Roa

    This just looks incredible. I’m just so thrilled with all the model work they did. It’s so much more detailed and aaah. amazing.

    Considering the Lightning and Colouring, they basically lightened it up, it seems. I can’t remember what scene the 2nd set down was, but it definitely looks good.

    I didn’t even expect them to touch the CGI cutscenes, but wow. It’s alright that they didn’t completely re-do them but it just looks wonderful with what they did to it. (The raindrops on Tidus’s leg just so so lovely).

    The only thing that could possibly even make it better (On top with what’s already known to being added and changed) is a New Game Plus option for X, and… different models for Lulu and Wakka for X-2 (I’m 99.9% sure they won’t, but I can wish right?)

  • ilorali

    ha-ha fantastic great improvement now this is truly what I wanted for many years now. heck if only they remake starocean till the end of time that would be perfect too

  • DAN

    am I the only one who thinks the characters look REALLY asian now?

  • IdeMedoSumom

    Everything looks great except… what they did with Tidus’ face. They changed his nose/eyes… He looks creepy now :(

  • novakayne27

    now all they need to do is keep re-releasing older FF games in HD… dont know wut is taking to long to get an HD FF7 and FF8

    • legendsof420

      This game was originally in 3D. Its far easier to rework textures already in 3D. In comparison FF7 and FF8 would have to be basically made from scratch. Far more resources and $ required for those.

  • Wtffx?

    Why did they make tidus fatter?

    • Gamechup

      He looks good.

      • Hesh

        no he looks horrible..get your eyes checked

  • Hesh

    tidus looks like shit! whoever thinks he looks good is on crack!! the ps2 version is way better!

  • Christine

    I seriously hope that they’ve made a pregnant model for Lulu in X-2, it always annoyed me that they hadn’t done it in the first place.
    Also, wouldn’t it be great if they changed the script a little to allow for the characters to say “Tidus”!
    A girl can dream.

  • NoctX85

    Sorry guys BUT Original 4 seems better for me. For the other ones really a good job

  • Sammy Moore

    This is kinda sad. The original looks better. The new models look plasticy – like every character is Joan Rivers, and the lightning is a straight downgrade.

    And playing in PCSX2 lets you go beyond 1080p.