Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD gets brand new screenshots

Square Enix has officially opened the website for Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD.

They have also released some new screenshots from these games, and the remaster quality looks fantastic. They have also revealed that the announcement trailer is coming on March 25th.

The official website is down right now so we will update this post once it goes live. The HD remasters contains the International version content, and we don’t have details on Final Fantasy X-2 HD or the trophy lists for both games.

Check out the screenshots below.

final fantasy X and X2 HD cover image

Final Fantasy X HD 6

final fantasy X HD

Final Fantasy X HD 5

Final Fantasy X HD 4

Final Fantasy X HD 3

Final Fantasy X HD 2

Final Fantasy X HD 1

  • Kenny Stubbs

    Wow this is looking impressive so far. I noticed that there is no link for the new website though. Could someone please tell us what it is?

    • Eccentricone

      Here – but it’s down.

      • Kenny Stubbs

        Thanks. I managed to find it anyway :) that site must be getting sooooooo much traffic right now

  • Random Dude

    Tidus kinda looks more emotionless than before or is it just me?