Final Fantasy Versus XIII Name Change Hinted by Amazon Japan

Square Enix may very well call Final Fantasy Versus XIII something else by the time it is finished.

According to a recently change on the Versus game page at Amazon Japan, the title has been marked with ‘tentative’.

Now that means, Square Enix is not decided on the name yet, or we are all thinking too hard about it. Whatever it is, the change was recent, and according to a few rumours out there the game could be called something else just like how Final Fantasy Agito XIII was changed to Type-0.

According to Square Enix, majority of their staff are working on Final Fantasy XIV, so that’s the reason why Versus development has been going so slow. Nomura has been promising some new information for a very long time, but with the recent Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII reveal, it looks like people have to wait even more for it.

Here’s the said screengrab of the title change:

versus name change

What do you think? Let us know below.

  • Josh Gordon

    Good. I hope its just called final fantasy versus. I think they have tainted the ” 13 ” title

  • Grazina

    It should be called Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Finally) – because it’s taking too dam long to release this game.

  • Conner Hobson

    Maybe it’s going to be Final Fantasy XV

  • asd;hasdahls

    I hope it becomes XV, 13 was such a flop, it would be better not to compare the two

    • Joe

      You may not have liked it, but it sure wasn’t a flop.

      • James Carney

        This. I really wish people would stop equating the vocal players with the entire fan base. Yes there is a large vocal group that did not like 13, but calling it a flop is ridiculous considering it actually did very well and so did 13-2.

      • SiliconNooB

        The first game wasn’t a financial flop, certainly. The game itself was terrible though, and I don’t think SE would be doing Versus any favours by associating it with the XIII brand.

        Not only is it a luckluster brand though, but IMO a severe amount of XIII fatigue appears to have set in with respect to coverage of the games.

        People want something new, and there will be a whole bunch of people who won’t pick up the game simply because it has a ‘XIII’ rather than a ‘XV’ in the title.

  • gsdgs

    should call it Finally Fantasy Versus XIII

  • Daniel Santiago

    to me they will call it FF 15 like they did with FF14 that it was first called rapture but they changed it to FF14 so most likely it will be called FF15

  • TheComputerist

    I don’t care what it’s called just give it to me

  • DarthDiggler

    I never understood why VERSUS appeared in the title.