Final Fantasy 7 Remake Broken Into ‘Episodes’ Is Disappointing

final fantasy 7

Square Enix finally showed some gameplay for Final Fantasy VII Remake at Sony PlayStation Experience 2015 and I was pretty elated for obvious reasons. The game looks incredible and seeing Cloud and Barrett’s next-gen avatars were extremely pleasing.

Now, if you’ve been following Square Enix since its inception after the Square Soft merger, you should be getting used to the disappointments after disappointments and there isn’t enough facepalm gifs to describe the company.

Remember the Final Fantasy Versus XIII announcement 9 years ago? Remember making a sequel no one asked for for a terrible mainline Final Fantasy game? Then making another follow-up to that game while fans just nodded their heads in disapproval. Square Enix has given no reason for any Final Fantasy fan to be excited about.

Then comes the stealth announcement of Final Fantasy VII Remake being ‘episodic’. This is the ultimate punch in the gut. I mean, are they seriously expecting people to pay $30-$60 for each episode and wait many more years to see the whole game being remade?

Let’s get this out of the way first though. Breaking up the game in episodic format is highly advantageous for Square Enix. They can charge more, take their time with each episode and play it safe without taking much financial risks. That’s great for them, but for fans? It’s horrible.

Square Enix Japanese division are at present working on Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, and there’s another team churning out Final Fantasy XIV updates. So who’s gonna make the Final Fantasy VII Remake? There’s a rumour that it’s going to be given to a third party developer and the game will also run on Unreal Engine 4 and not their first party engine Luminous.

Is it really worth breaking up the game into pieces and possibly destroying what made the original game so great? Fans have been clamouring for a remake and many people said it wasn’t possible because it would take tons of resources and simply won’t be commercially feasible. Square Enix proved them wrong with the announcement but they were true all along. Episodic format simply won’t work properly and will not give fans a proper remake they deserve.

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