FIFA 15 Career Mode Features Detailed; Release date announced

fifa 15 main

EA has announced their next FIFA game which is scheduled to be released later this year. They have made many new additions to the career mode and have paid attention to fan concerns as well.

The game will be released on September 23rd in the US and on September 26th in the EU. EA had earlier announced that Mario Goetze who scored the winning goal in World Cup 2014 final will be on the cover image of the game.

You can check out the career mode details below.

  • Player Growth – FIFA 15 has a more realistic system for player growth and potential. Highly rated older players won’t retire as quickly and high potential players grow faster if you give the opportunity to do so.
  • Global Transfer Network – Improved scouts will now automatically recognize squad weaknesses and suggest replacement players based on the team you want to build.
  • Intuitive Player Search – A new player search screen lets you find players faster and better suited to your team. Player names populate as you search.
  • Storylines and Presentation – Accurate and in-depth analysis around players, team and leagues during the match and throughout the mode as you progress your career.

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  • kenneth

    so that means no news to the career mode and only work on ultimate fantasy shiiiiit!
    thanks for nothing again ea!

  • Jimmy

    They have to have a thing on career mode where you can change your jersey at the end of the season

  • scott stevenson

    thats just not enough am afraid and if thats all they have changed then i wont be buying it! thats not really news. they havent mentioned a single thing about the player career mode. like your pro not even having a contract. its like your at the club for life unless you ask for a transfer. it was only last year thay had realistic fixture lists if you remember in fifa 12 all your international career involved was playing friendlys lol. i dont give a shit about what they have done tro the crowd its or the pitch there just gimmicks. they need to seriously start working on the career mode. its just not realistic enough i mean you cant even get on the bench your either out of the team or your not its a bit of a joke to be honest.

    buck up your ideas ea or people will stop buying it. player career mode and manager mode is just as impolrtant as ultimate shit. i dont want to spend hundreds on silly player packs for youse to make millions you have the fan base use it or lose it cause you want always have it your own way!

  • ezra

    That’s it wow no development of new stadiums, no sponsorship or new kits customised animation, no pre season destination or mini tournaments, no reserve league or even youth league or proper creation of your manager not just the stocky grey suit manager who doesn’t look anything like guardiola for example useless absolutely useless thanks ea

    • Mike

      They added stadiums, they have ALL premier league stadiums now. Before they only had maybe 6-8 out of 20 of them.

  • Aaron

    It would be good if you could put game face on your manager and they do animations of him during the match if they score, get a red card etc