Fez sells 105,000 units during the Steam Sale, Phil Fish Excited

Fez creator Phil Fish is really excited about the game on PC. Steam sale began underway recently and his game was 50% off, which resulted in massive sales.


He revealed that the game sold 105,000 units in 24 hours and that’s much more than what it had originally sold within the first three months of the game’s release on Steam.

“Ok, so our first Steam summer sale is over and it was BANANERS. We sold 105k units in 48 hours,” he revealed on Twitter.

“We sold more copies in the first 24 hours of the sale than we had on Steam in the first three months since release. And over the course of the full 48 hours, we sold more than we had in our first month on XBLA. It’s been fuckin’ NUTSO.

“Thank you cheap people everywhere.”

He also posted a chart showing the huge spike in game sales which you can check out below.

fez steam sale spike graph

  • Magilla187

    LOL This guy cracks me up, but his game is amazing