Faulty PS4 fix guide: Flashing Blue light, HDD, HDMI and more

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Did you get a DOA PS4? Well, the chances are you got hit with a faulty batch and there’s probably nothing you can do. Sony knows of this problem and has released some tips on tinkering with your console and finally getting it to work.

They narrow it down to four things:

Here are some of the symptoms associated with blinking blue lights issue:

  • blue indicator light blinking
  • no video/audio output to television
  • console powering off after blinking blue

This blinking light issue could indicate any number of causes including but not limited to:

  1. TV compatibility
  2. Issues with PS4 power supply
  3. Issues with PS4 hard drive
  4. Issues with other PS4 hardware

You can change your HDMI cable or TV to check whether it works or open your PS4 and check whether the HDD is firmly seated. Chances are if you get a blue pulsating light when turning on the system, it’s probably defective and you need to send it in.