Faster Xbox One Install Times High on Phil Spencer’s List

xbox one high res screenshot 5

The Xbox One has horrendous install times, and anyone who has a console knows how frustrating it can be. Apparently there are reasons for that even though both the PS4 and Xbox One are similar in a lot of ways when it comes to hardware.

So what could be the reason for it? Phil Spencer acknowledges that install times definitely need to be better and it is high on his list.

In a podcast with IGN, he said that, “The change to having to deal with an offline-only state meant that all the install code-flows weren’t as perfect as they could be.

“Are there systemtic reasons for that? Our drive’s obviously the same speed, moving stuff into memory takes the same amount of time; hard drive speed’s basically the same, so what’s going on?” he added.

“I’m capturing the data. I want to be state-of-the-art in install times so people can start playing games as soon as possible. It’s high on my priority list.

“I’m not defending it at all, because I do think install times should be faster.”

Let’s hope with the rate Xbox One is getting all the updates, the install times are fixed as well.

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