Far Cry Primal Review – Wenja Party

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Far Cry Primal, the latest installment in the Far Cry franchise, puts you in the shoes of Takkar, a member of the Wenja Tribe. As the name suggests, the game is set in 10000 BC during the Mesolithic period.

The first thing you notice when assuming control of Takkar is how gorgeous the game is. Dunia engine is something special because of its ability to render massively beautiful and dynamic game worlds.

The game starts with a Wenja tribe hunt where you have to take down a small mammoth. Things go downhill when you eventually encounter a Bloodfang Sabretooth tiger and are split up from your tribe people. It’s now time to find more Wenja tribe members and unite them in your village which will be the starting hub point in the game.

The game has a day and night cycle and while wild animals and enemies don’t get stronger at night, the lack of visibility makes exploring the world quite dangerous and exhilarating at the same time.

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The world is populated with many animals which you can hunt to upgrade various items in your inventory. There are also animals that you can tame and have them fight alongside you. My favourite companion is the Bloodfang Sabretooth– yes, the same tiger that messed up Takkar at the start of the game.

To unlock the ability to tame animals you need to rescue a Wenja tribe member called the Beast Master who will give you missions. There are a bunch of special people that you can find that will give you access to many abilities and missions.

The core of Primal is based on the Far Cry 3 game design which means there will be a ton of collectibles, weapons that you can upgrade using items found in the world, along with a similar stealth and the combat system.

The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4. The latter was not really a good game due to being unbalanced and the terrible performance which affected the gameplay but there’s no such issues here in Primal.

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The game runs smooth and the combat is a joy. The takedowns, stealth kills, and headshotting people with your bow can provide a great amount of fun. There’s also a hunter vision that lets you spot various items and gives you the wallhack ability. However, clearing an outpost without using the ability is extremely satisfying.

You can capture bonfires and outposts to clear up the map. It gives you a ton of XP and also allows you to fast travel. You should do that whenever you are in a new area as it is extremely helpful. Rescuing more Wenja Tribe members will give you an XP bonus so make sure to do that. You need tons of XP to unlock various skills.

There are two more tribes namely the Ixila and the Udam. The former pray to a sun god and have fancy masks and the latter are just brutes. It’s more fun to fight the Udam as I have found the Ixila folks to be a lot more stronger. The story is woven among these two tribes and is quite underwhelming. In fact, I would say that Primal has a very poor story.

However, I feel like Far Cry games are more about gameplay than story so if you like the gameplay of Primal, you won’t mind the poor story missions. You can track the status of all the collectibles and missions in your cave in the village. It’s pretty convenient and makes things less confusing.

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There’s a lot of things to do in the game and beating it will take you around 20 hours, assuming you try to unlock all the skills and capture all the bonfires and outposts.

The weapons in the game are pretty great as you get to swing clubs and poke enemies with a spear. You can craft them on the fly by bringing up the quick select menu. The bow is what makes the gameplay so good as there’s no greater feeling that no scoping a Udam brute in the face.

Gathering rocks and plants can be pretty annoying sometimes and you definitely have to unlock skills that give you more of these resources. Getting more Wenja people in your village will fill your stash with random resources which is a nice touch. Upgrading all the huts in your village will grant you XP and certain things so once you have enough resources make sure to do that.

I miss flying in Far Cry Primal considering it was such a fun thing to do in the previous games. Now, it wouldn’t make sense here due to the setting but hey it’s a video game they could’ve come up with something. Considering the world is so massive, the ability to fly would’ve made traversal fun.

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There are some random events that happen in the world while exploring. They are usually pretty repetitive and not worth the time but some of them are very easy so it doesn’t hurt to do them.

The game is very polished and runs pretty smoothly. The loading times are very low on Xbox One and it really looks like Ubisoft put in a lot of effort on Primal after the poor show that was Far Cry 4.

Far Cry Primal is a fantastic Far Cry game. If you love exploring a beautifully realised world, shooting people in the face with a bow, and just collecting things, this is the game for you. There are not many negative things I can say about Primal other than it’s a Far Cry game and if you weren’t a fan of the previous games you probably won’t like this one either.