Far Cry 5 Review: Familiar But Fun

Far Cry 5 is finally here and after spending some time with the game I have a lot of things to say about it. Ubisoft has always done well with this IP. The original Far Cry released last decade was a graphical spectacle and almost rivalled Crysis as an incredible open world game.

Far Cry 3 was like a reboot for the franchise and featured innovative new mechanics including the amazing bow that has appeared in every game since then. Far Cry 5 has been tweaked a little in a way that reduces the burden for players of having to climb the towers to reveal the map. Ubisoft definitely did take the feedback to heart and implemented some good changes.

Every game since the third one featured an awesome enemy. It’s no different in this game. The map is absolutely huge and offers a lot of traversal options like planes, helicopters, boats and of course land vehicles. Flying a plane in this game is really fun and you can really bring down some pain using guns and rockets. It’s like they let their imagination run wild while designing this game.

Coming to the enemy, this game tells the story of a cult that has been brainwashing and subjugating people and has locked off their area from outside interference. You play the role of a deputy who goes in to arrest the leader of the cult. As expected things don’t go too well and it’s your job to take back the area and defeat the cult.

The map is divided into three regions and each region has a mini-boss. To beat them you have to clear the main missions, side-missions, cult outposts and other stuff. There aren’t many outposts here like the previous games but they are harder. You also get companions in this game with their own unique skills. For example, for liberating a certain companion you get the ability to call in air strikes at your chosen locations.

The game looks gorgeous and runs on the Dunia engine. I don’t think there’s HDR here but it’s been confirmed to run at native 4K on the Xbox One X. I played on the PS4 Pro and while it runs and looks well, there have been moments where the framerate totally collapsed. You do get a good experience on the PS4 Pro overall. The music and sound effects are great too.

Some of the missions are really well done and are fun. There are very few boring or repetitive missions in the game. The main missions are also quite intense on the normal difficulty. The main character has kinda low health and will die pretty fast. There are perks for increasing the health. You get perk points by doing challenges and just gaining points by completing missions.

There are tons of weapons including everyone’s favourite bow. It’s a joy to use a bow in this game. Weapons can be purchased using money earned while playing the game or buying microtransactions currency. Money is pretty scarce and you need to spend wisely in this game. If you find weapons and vehicles in the game it will be unlocked in the stores as well and you can simply buy them for free.

Far Cry 5 is not radically different than the previous games but it has some changes that make it less monotonous. It’s a great game that’s fun to play and people who loved the previous games will love this one too. It also has a lot of content that will keep people busy for a long time.

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