Far Cry 3 Video Guide: All Memory Cards and Letters of The Lost Locations

Far Cry 3 is a terrific game which features a ton of collectibles. You probably have a problem with finding them, correct, well here are a few videos that will make your job easier.

These videos are about memory card locations which you can normally find in most outposts scattered across the map, since there are many outposts, you will find it difficult to find them quickly. The video shows you how to go about it.

Same goes for Letters of the Lost Locations. It shows you where to find these letters written by Japanese soldiers stuck on the island. It’s quite a depressing thing when you read all those letters but also something you will have a lot of fun finding.

We also reviewed Far Cry 3 and liked it a lot. “Far Cry 3 is a fantastic open-world game, filled content, and offers you something that very few games this gen have–a fun unscripted experience,” reads our review. These videos are courtesy of the YouTube user Gametastik.

 Memory card locations:

Letters of the Lost locations: