Fallout: Ultimate Collection Patent Spotted

fallout 4

We recently revealed that Fallout 4 patent was spotted at the German trademark office, called ‘Fallout: Shadow of Boston’, but it looks like Bethesda has also planned for an Ultimate Collection.

The patent is called Fallout: Ultimate Collection and presumably it means it will feature Fallout 3, New Vegas and DLCs remastered for next-gen platforms? This is pure speculation right now but it suggests that Bethesda might follow other publishers in releasing remastered versions of old games before releasing the mainline game.

Hopefully, both Fallout 4 and the Ultimate Collection would be revealed at VGX, as Geoff Keighley has been hinting at a few surprises and has also been meeting Bethesda reps lately.

We will keep you updated once we hear more on this. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

fallout ultimate collection patent

  • LarZen

    Personally I am hoping for a remastered version of Skyrim…

    • Goldsmithlpb

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  • Jon Taffer’s Butt Funnel

    If they could take away the loading screens in New Vegas I’d buy it. I played over 100 hours of 3 but didn’t even finish NV.

  • Guest

    Hmm….perhaps they can also figure out to make Fallout: New Vegas, less lonely. Less boring.

    • Blaze Solaris

      the fallout games are supposed to be lonely smart one, theres only like a couple thousand people still alive on the planet -not counting ghouls or other mutants-