Fallout 4 Real? Fallout: Shadow of Boston Patent Spotted

fallout 4

A patent has been spotted at the German trademark office called Fallout: Shadow of Boston.

This could be the next iteration in the hugely successful RPG franchise from Bethessda. Earlier it was rumoured that the game would be set in Boston according to leaked documents.

Bethesda has so far denied about any new Fallout game in the works, and Pete Hines had mentioned that it would be a long time before they would announce any such thing.

Is this real? This could very well be the name of the next Fallout game as patents can’t be wrong, especially not something with such a name.

We will keep you updated once we hear more about this.

fallout shadow of boston trademark

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Thanks, GAF.

  • big dan

    Could it just be a named registered for DLC content rather than a stand alone game?

  • Annoying IP Nerd

    Your article confuses the term patent and trademark