Evolve Alpha now Live on PS4, Testing Extended

Evolve Logo

PS4 owners can now play Evolve alpha and do some old fashioned bug testing. The alpha was delayed on the PS4 after the developer revealed that issues with PS4 firmware 2.0 had prevented them from releasing the alpha at the same time as the Xbox One and PC versions.

The testing has also been extended. The download is 14GB in size on the Xbox One and should be of a similar size on the PS4.

The developer tweeted the following timings:

Evolve #BigAlpha is now available on PlayStation 4. We’re extending testing for ALL to Nov. 4, 12PM PT (8PM UTC).

The game will be released early next year on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is a co-operative shooting game that promotes teamwork and looks pretty spectacular at a first glance.

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