Every RPG Ever explained in one simple Flowchart

Have you ever played an RPG where your character has amnesia at the start of the game?

He needs to know more about who or where he is, and suddenly the village gets attacked and it’s now time to fight. This year we saw Dragon’s Dogma pull off the same cookie-cutter scenarios, and needless to say, if you have been playing a lot of RPGs, many of them will seem similar to you.

We have one amazing made flowchart which shows all these various scenarios you could expect and the consequences of the same. The guy who made this flow chart, GameInformer’s Joe Juba, says: “Instead of shelling out for the next big Japanese RPG, just go through our handy flowchart. You will save money and time while getting the exact same experience.”

Seeing this flowchart, I kind of have to agree, and I am a bit surprised that it’s so accurate. You can start on the upper left of the chart where the big green arrow is and go clockwise. Check it out below and please open it in a new window since it’s a large image.

every rpg ever

Via GI.

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