Epic’s Mark Rein Gets Tons of Hate on Twitter for laughing at Wii U during an event

When asked about whether the Wii U will be Unreal Engine 4 or not during a Q&A event with the press, Mark Rein said “Hahaha no”.

He later clarified that he was just laughing at the question and not at Wii U or Nintendo, but Nintendo fans have spiraled out of control and are attacking him on Twitter, on what is, one of most the shameful displays of fanboysim ever.

“I wasn’t laughing at Nintendo or WiiU. I was laughing at how the question only included WiiU and not 360 or PS3,” Rein said, which fell on deaf ears.

Take a look at these comments. You can’t help but feel bad for Rein who probably didn’t even mean what he said.

Eventually he ended up apologizing which he really shouldn’t have done. I guess that’s one way to diffuse tension without blowing it out of proportion.

This is just a fraction of the hate he is receiving. You can check out his Twitter account which if filled with defensive replies and this is undoubtedly one of the saddest things we’ve ever witnessed.