Epic Games makes Unreal Engine 4 Free for Everyone

unreal engine 4

Unreal Engine 4, the next-gen engine from Epic Games, has gone free for everyone to use. Earlier it used to cost $19 a month and this change allows more people to realize their vision.

However, Epic will get a cut of 5% per $3000 gross revenue generated by the product per quarter.

This is a good move from Epic Games that will make their engine even more mainstream.

“The past year has been a whirlwind for everyone at Epic Games. Our community has grown tremendously. The quality and variety of creative work being done has been breathtaking. When we asked people to submit their projects to be shown this year at GDC, we had the challenge of picking just 8 from over 100 finalists that were all good enough to show,” said Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney.

“The state of Unreal is strong, and we’ve realized that as we take away barriers, more people are able to fulfil their creative visions and shape the future of the medium we love. That’s why we’re taking away the last barrier to entry, and going free.”

You can watch the announcement in the video below.