eBay Germany advertises Wii U by saying no used games block and always online

It looks like the Wii U may be a slight hit with the consumers after all.

eBay Germany has promoted the Wii U by mentioning things that would remind you of the Xbox One controversy currently underway. The description below the picture of the Wii U states that the system will not block used games and won’t be always online.

Here’s a translation of what was written. You have to admit this is a great way of taking advantage of a situation and it’s not clear whether Nintendo made them do it or whether it was on their own.

-Keine Gebraucht-Spiel-Sperren
-Keine Online-Pflicht
-Kein Gedöns

Which means;

– no used games blocking
– no mandatory online
– no other annoyances

Well that surely gives it an edge over the PS4 and Xbox One, right? They posted this on their Facebook page, which you can see below.

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