EB Games AU Removes Wii U Listing From The Homepage

The Wii U may be overshadowed by the next gen platforms even before they are released. A prominent retailer in Australia called EB Games have removed the mention of the Wii U from their homepage and given it a minor status.

eb games au no wii u

Based on the items on the homepage, the current gen consoles seem to be more favourable than Nintendo’s next-gen system. The console has been selling very poorly worldwide and even EA has refused to develop until there’s a change in the sales.

Recently EA revealed that they will start developing for the Wii U once it becomes a viable platform. So there is definitely repercussions of the low sales, and it is clearly evident from third party and retailer support for the system.

Nintendo recently announced that there were more unannounced games in development for the system and they will be released before 2014. Maybe that will help the system’s sales? They have to come out first.