Earth Defense Force 4 features an Epsilon Armored Railgun vehicle in multiplayer

We have some spectacular new vehicles from Earth Defense Force 4.

Here’s a list of the new vehicles revealed so far, they are:

HU04 Bruto: This multiplayer capable helicopter supports up to 3 players, and the turrets on side can be controlled by different players.

Epsilon Armored Railgun: Another 3 player vehicle, the machine guns on the left and right of the main railgun cannon can be controlled by the other two players as well.

E651 Titan: A 3 player tank, each of the 3 guns can be controlled by a different player.

You can also check out out the gameplay footage of the same, which shows some great action.

The game is set after the initial events of EDF 2017, the remaining Ravagers have been wiped out and the rebuilding process by humanity has begun. Surviving Ravagers have hidden themselves under the earth where they have been waiting and have also been multiplying. So yeah they come out and it’s up to the EDF to stop them.

Check out the screenshots below.

Earth Defense Force 4 vehicle 1

Earth Defense Force 4 vehicle 2

Earth Defense Force 4 vehicle 3

Earth Defense Force 4 vehicle 4

Earth Defense Force 4 vehicle

Thanks, Famitsu.