EA: “What we describe as ‘Gen 4’ is yet to come”, doesn’t think Wii U is next-gen

EA apparently doesn’t think the Wii U is part of generation 4.

Technically speaking, this should be the 8th generation when you count all the generations so far, but EA is counting from the PS1. That’s not a bad thing though, but they indirectly also mean the Wii U is not a part of it. (Gen 3 maybe?)

During an investor Q&A conference recently, someone asked the EA executives (John Riccitiello, Frank Gibeau, Peter Moorewhy they aren’t pursuing the Wii U and what does this bode for next-generation consoles.

John Riccitello, CEO of EA, answered this question and said, “So, couple of things. First, you never count Nintendo out. They’ve got some of the best IPs in the game industry, when their marquee titles show up, that’s when you usually see the bounce. I’m deeply respectful of the achievements they’ve had over the last several years, and so yeah, never really count them out.

“Having said that, I wouldn’t say that we see much correlation between the results that Nintendo have just shown with the console debut of the Wii U and what we see coming. We see a pretty sharp distinction and unfortunately I’m unable to go any further than that.nintendo wii u

“Ours is an industry where a lot of devices come in and represent themselves as the next generation or the next generation after that.

“You know in many ways, we would argue that the gen— what we’re describing as “Gen 4”, is yet to come — and it’s that we’re excited about, and that’s what we’re investing in, and frankly we’ve been quite consistent with that for some time, recognising the frustration our inability to articulate precisely why, causes for you,” he added.

So what this means is, EA is counting on the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and are more invested in that. So the entire thing about Nintendo and EA partnership that we saw during the Wii U reveal becomes quite a farce now.

The Q&A conference has just concluded so we will be putting up a summary soon. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile you can check out this quick summary by a GAF member here.