EA: SimCity having issues because users wouldn’t leave the servers

Well this is certainly something you don’t hear a game developer saying.

SimCity is having issues and people are unable to play the game due to the online only requirement which has put a strain on EA and Maxis’ infrastructure. They are working hard to rectify the situation, however, they have already found a way to blame someone for this.

The users.

That’s right, here’s senior producer Kip Katsarelis statement that was posted on EA forums.

“Server capacity is our biggest obstacle. We launched in North America on Tuesday and our servers filled up within a matter of hours. What we saw was that players were having such a good time they didn’t want to leave the game, which kept our servers packed and made it difficult for new players to join,” the post read.

“We added more servers to accommodate the launch in Australia and Japan, and then more yesterday to accommodate the launch in Europe.

“As of right now, we are adding even more servers which will be going live over the next three days. And, our plan is to continue to bring more servers online until we have enough to meet the demand, increase player capacity and let more people through the gates and into the game.”

Didn’t you hear that? You should learn to leave the game so new players can join in–this an MMO after all, right?

SpinCity sounds like a good name too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/luciano.ad84 Luciano Dolvitsch

    I didn´t play the game, but I think that you wrote this just to satesfy your rage, you are taking this information and completly distorting it, I agree with you that, if the player bought the game, he/she have the right to play whenever and how much he want, but this guy is just explaining what´s causing the issue and how they are trying to solve it, he´s not asking to stop playig and get out the server….