EA PS4 conference recap: 8-10x leap, $69.99 games, Battlefield 4 “stunning”

EA was absent at the PS Meeting 2013 where Sony unveiled their next-generation PlayStation.

However, that isn’t an indicative of their support towards the PS4, according to EA CTO Rajat Taneja. He recently spoke at Morgan Stanley about the system and various opportunity it provides for them and revealed that they are committed to the system.

We have a complete recap of the conference where there were a lot of things said. He has seen Battlefield 4 running on the PS4 and he describes it as “stunning”.

The console is a giant leap for the industry and has “Between 8 & 10 times the power of current generation.” He also said that all internal software will work flawlessly. They will be showing more content between now and E3 2013.

EA made $25 million from micro-transactions alone and they are planning to add that into every game because “Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business”. Their core line-up has been slimmed from 85 games to 15 games.

There 5% to 10% increase in cost of production on current games and there may be a trend of $69.99 prices at start and may drop down to $59.99 later in the generation. “Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business”, so micro-transactions will be built into all games.

The development has become easier and what would take months will take days to do. Both PS4 and Xbox 720 could launch very close to each other.

The stream is currently over but a recap will be posted soon.