EA finds NFL 15 Tiny Player Glitch amusing

madden nfl 15

Not all video game glitches are equal, but some actually get to be a part of the game. Okay, that was horrible, I know. Thank you. Madden NFL 15 players encountered a glitch recently where Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey, who is 6’2” in height, appear just 1 foot tall.

Now EA has found this amusing and have actually encouraged players to play the miniature version of Kirksey.

“This weekend only, Madden Ultimate Team players can experience the Tiny Titan for themselves. All you need to do is log into Madden 15 and look for the direct link to the Ultimate Teams Weekly Challenges. #TinyTitan will be waiting,” EA revealed.

“Not only will you be able to see and play against the Tiny Titan, it’ll also net you a few coins to help Collect, Upgrade and Dominate in Madden Ultimate Team. Come join the fastest growing mode in the game and compete against the Tiny Titan!”

The game came out on August 26th for the PS4, Xbox One and last gen consoles.

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