EA Early Access Seems like A Rip Off

If you have pre-ordered a copy of Battlefield V the release date would be November 20. If you want to play 5 days earlier you have to buy the Deluxe Edition of the game which costs considerably more.

If you are an EA Access subscriber you get to play a lot more early. It clearly feels like EA wants you to subscribe to their service.

However, this is wrong and just punishing people who want to buy and play along with everyone else. It feels like EA is forcing people to buy their service as they know patience is not a virtue that most gamers possess.

Baiting people into subscribing to their service or buying an expensive version is wrong and should be investigated by the government. I am sure EA has full rights to do this and people won’t really speak with their wallet because something like Battlefield V is incredibly alluring but something has to be done about this.

You can be sure they will do it with BioWare’s Anthem as well. Sony does not have EA Access on its platform and Xbox owners with EA Access got a 10 hour trial to the game.

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