EA Access is a Success on Xbox One, Details Revealed

ea access 1

EA have announced in their investor call that EA Access is a success. The service was announced this year and implemented on the Xbox One. You can try out latest EA games for just $4.99.

CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson, revealed that: “EA Access membership has grown well beyond our early expectations and we anticipate continued momentum in the months ahead.”

The service is not on PS4 yet but Sony has its own PS + membership service due to which there probably was a conflict of interest. Whatever may be the reason don’t expect EA games on PS + anytime soon.

Peter Moore EA’s COO had more to say:

“We’re seeing both empirical and anecdotal data that people now who are members of Access and of course, have access to games like FIFA and Madden, who’ve said that ordinarily they wouldn’t have gone out and bought them, are now experiencing them and enjoying them and our belief is the next time around when the games are launched, they will actually buy them.

“It’s turning into an incredible sampling program for us if you will, and obviously the value for money is there.”

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