E3 2016: New Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer is Jawdropping

EA and DICE have released a new trailer for Battlefield 1 showing in-game gameplay and we are honestly at loss for words. If you thought Star Wars: Battlefront had incredible graphics, get a load of what you are about to see in Battlefield 1.

Of course, Battlefield 1 is a lot more ambitious and a lot of things are happening on the screen which makes it a lot more impressive than anything we have seen before.

The multiplayer mode will support 64 players and is said to feature some of the “largest battles in FPS history.”

In our top 5 must play FPS games for 2016, we listed Battlefield 1 at number one and it seems to be the right decision as there’s nothing comparable to something like this.

The game will be released in October for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Before the game’s reveal it was accurately leaked that it would feature a World War 1 setting.

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