DualShock 4 the reason for bringing Blacklight: Retribution to PS4 – Dev

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Jared Gerritzen, the studio director of Zombie Games, has revealed that the DualShock 4 was the main reason why they decided to bring the console version of Blacklight: Retribution to PS4 first.

“It’s definitely the DualShock 4, that thing is awesome,” he told IGN at PAX. “That was a defining moment of who we were going to bring the console version of Blacklight to”. He also clarified his comments by saying that he hated the DualShock 3, and called its successor much, much better.

He also revealed that Sony has been really helpful and their Indie dedication is not definitely lip service.

“Developers are their focus, they even have a goofy we heart developers thing [at PAX booth]. He then added, “It’s goofy but very true. Its really cool.”

The PS4 version of Blacklight: Retribution was announced before Gamescom. The game is a fast paced shooter and currently has 2 million active players on the PC. Sony seems to be doing everything right with the PS4 and has managed to secure tons of indie games for the system.

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  • Blacklight Retributioner

    I think having Blacklight on the ps4 will bring existing players from the pc and new players creating a for of free advertising and also bringing money to Sony resulting in a new Blacklight on a newer playstation console.