Sony shows why DualShock 4 is a Precise and Innovative Controller

dualshock 4

PS4 may possibly have the best controller ever but it’s mostly a subjective thing. It’s based on people’s preferences. However, it’s hard to deny that the DualShock 4 is really good and is suited to a host of games that the DualShock 3 was simply awful at.

Sony has released a new video that shows the controller in action and how the triggers and the touchpad enhance the gameplay experience. The DualShock 4 is available in many colours and will set you back by $60 if you buy a standalone one.

The company has explained this in 4 simple statements:

Precision Control. Next Gen Simplicity. New Ways to Play Innovations. New Colors to Express Yourself.

And we couldn’t agree more. Check out the video below.

  • nikolas1145

    the dualshock 4 IS a step above it’s predecessor, but be warned: the plastic used on the top of the analog sticks can easily be worn out or even damaged by aggressive use or a light drop.

    • daxter

      yeah but sony will get you a new one if you have a warranty and the rubber will be worn out less easily

    • Mohsin Qureshi

      at EB games (gamestop) you can buy replacement grips. Take off the old worn our rubber and install then new!

    • Chris Garcia

      It seems this was only consoles/controllers sold in 2013 during launch months.. newer controllers don’t seem to have the issue.

  • Wut???

    its pretty shitty, and the rubber on the thumb sticks cracks and falls off.

    who writes these articles?

  • Ryudo9

    he Sony fanboyism is strong with this one.

  • Thrusled388

    he Sony fanboyism is strong with this one.

  • Evan

    It is an amazing controller and is my favorite. Gametrailers also just gave it the best controller of all time in their top 10 countdown.

  • Red Flame Fox

    I prefer the DualShock 3 over this one, I don’t like the L2 and R2 of the DS4.

  • Malistix

    Gotto say i love everything about the controller except the light that cant go off, ever, even if you try, it goes trough tape.

    Its ok in the evening I guess.

    But the grip, triggers, analog stigs and size are amazing, good job sony.
    but fix the light.

  • Chris Garcia

    While the DS4 is a HUGE improvement over the DS3.. Still not even the best controller now.. let alone of all time.