DualShock 4 Has A Deceptively Large Size, Side-By-Side Comparison

DualSHock 4 3

Sony has done a lot of changes to the DualShock 4, in fact a lot of people who got their hands on it have been praising it. There’s a reason for that, the controller was designed in tandem with Sony’s first party studios and the drawbacks of the DualShock 3 have been rectified here.

The controller’s size has been pretty deceptive in the press images, so how big is it exactly? Well it’s almost as big as the Xbox One controller and maybe some people will feel it’s even bigger based on this image below posted by a user on a Chinese site called Weibo (registration required).

As you can see, the controller feels really comfy to hold and is shaping up to be one of the best ones ever made. But that’s for the people to judge.

Check out the image below (open in a separate tab for high resolution).

Another angle:

Thanks to Mike for sending in the second pic.

Here’s a bonus PS4 vs PS3 controller comparison followed by Xbox One vs Xbox 360 controller comparison.

The Xbox One controller is slightly smaller than the Xbox 360 controller but not by much.

  • Kenny Stimmel

    I’m glad to see the bigger hand grip on the bottom, been waiting for that!

  • Axe99

    The image you’re looking at here has been taken with a wide angle lens, which is clearly distorting the perspective – there are plenty of better places to get an idea of the relative sizes of the two controllers, and much, much better ways to take photographs that compare size (close-up shots in wide angle distort size terribly). Doen’t mean the DS4 isn’t big, but this pic isn’t the best way to tell.

    • DanO

      Could you name a few, please?

    • DarthDiggler

      Its definitely wider, the touch area required a bit more girth.

    • Gamechup

      The PS4 controller is definitely slightly bigger, and wide angle lens would affect them both not one.

      • Russell Gorall

        The image isn’t an actual representation of the difference, though. Not sure if you just did it for hits, or what, but Houston we have a problem.


        • Gamechup

          Open it in a new tab for high resolution, it will give a better idea.

          • Axe99

            Higher resolution doesn’t change the focal distance of the shot and the visual distortion because of it! You’ll just get to see the distortion in more detail ;). It’s all good – you’re gamers, not photographers – but in the future you need shots with a longer focal length if you want to provide decent evidence.

          • Russell Gorall

            The fidelity isn’t the problem, dipshit.

      • PantherCrane


      • Axe99

        Of course a wide angle lens would affect them both, but how it affects them depends on the position and the distance of the camera relative to both controllers. It will not affect them equally. A better approach, rather than to try and get the camera as close as possible to the subject (as was done in the original shot – later shots are better) is to stand further away and zoom in, keeping the plane that the two objects are on perpendicular to the camera. Look at the XB1 controller sticks in all of the shots – it looks like one of the sticks is wonky (ie, it doesn’t look like both sticks point straight up) – that’s just the result of close-up wide-angle shot (ie, the XB1 doesn’t have wonky analogue sticks, but the photography used here suggests it does).

        I agree the PS4 controller is larger – as per my original comment – but the evidence you’ve used isn’t conclusive (the GIF isn’t either, as it needn’t be too images taken at the same size, although I suspect it’s a good guide).

    • cursealoud

      There’s always a fool in the crowd that wants to discredit something as if he was right there. GTFOH.

  • GeForceFX

    YES!!! this was my biggest problem with PS3 (and soft convex analogs) D:

    • tim

      I never understood the convex complaint. its obviously a preference and play style thing but i always felt when i moved the sticks i dont keep my thumb directly on top but i push the sides and pull on the very top to go down, so i always had a larger contact surface with convex sticks over the xboxs concave. I lever put my thumb in the dip on the xbox controllers there for it was useless.

      • Kamrul

        Yeah I have always felt that the analogs on the DS3 are better than the 360 ones all it needed was more space inbetween the two sticks.

    • Jake Greene

      DS4 handles look like circumcised wieners now >_<

      • KingRell25

        You think to much.

      • GeForceFX

        Doesn’t matter, had grip D:

  • hames

    fucking xbone controller looks so damn ugly…probably one of the ugliest controllers i’ve seen.

    • http://www.showtimeforfree.com/ miDnIghtEr20C

      No that’s the new Sony controller you’re looking at. It has a touch pad now. It makes it look like shit, but it will be fun for some games.

      • Basukua

        Tbh if they use it like SIx Axis on ps3 it will just be annoying and take you out of the immersion as u break vision to look at controller… will either be over used for the simplest tasks or not at all

    • Kamille

      even as a Sony fanboy myself I have to admit that the PS4’s controller is indeed really ugly.

      • PantherCrane


      • liam

        Really? I think it looks fine, the xbox one controller is very ugly IMO

        • bigevilworldwide

          The XBO controller looks like one of those cheap off brand Raven controllers, I believe it was the “raven” controller

      • Mangaka

        I think both are ugly, but at least the ps4 still looks like a proper remote.

    • Bobby Griffin

      stop hating on every damn thing fanboy

      • Ahmed Abd El Salam

        this is not hating but he is just telling us he’s own vision

        • haha

          well his vision is gay

      • HJB

        It doesn’t make him a fanboy for disliking something. If anything, it makes you a fanboy for being so offended by his opinion. He doesn’t like the X1 controller, get over it.

    • Ana Helušić

      Ps4 wins

      • PantherCrane

        Wins what?

        • Ana Helušić


          • Louish1982

            Which one are you on the picture?

          • Guest

            She’s the middle one, but don’t worry, she’s going to get knifed soon enough.

          • Louish1982

            What for ?

          • Ana Helušić

            You are talking about your moron mom or abou you dumbass??

    • Cody McDaniel

      Really bro? I’m a huge Sony fan, but a blind man could feel those bitches and see that the Xbox controller is way sexier.

      • Ana Helušić

        lamebox lost

      • lu

        i agree.the controller looks disgusting. but it also looks like it would be more comfortable to hold.

      • Eric Phillips

        I would argue that the PS4 controller is sexier, simply by the fact that the two handles look like partially flaccid penises

    • liam

      I like the xbox 360 controller, it feels good to hold and I guess the xbox one controller will be better, but I was thinking the same thing, it is damn ugly!!

    • cyrylthewolf

      You apparently don’t get out much then.

  • Hardy

    Ps4 controller looks way better than the Xbox one

    • Playmaker

      ewww no way, and the plastic looks cheap as hell. complain all you want but Xbone controller IMO is way better looking. Also, the placement of the analogs is much better on Xbone.

      • Alan

        no way the ps4 controller looks way better made.

      • H3ADWOUND81

        Analog sticks are at ten to three, alot like sloths eyes from goonies.. It’s just plain wrong..

        • VR-4nic

          Right! The offset analogs are pretty stupid if you think about what a controller is meant to do when playing games. Its meant to be an extension of the body that one doesn’t even think about when use, its just natural and like my body needs to be symmetrical just like my arms, eyes, legs, ect….. Maybe there’s a lot of inbreeding in the Xbot community and that why they all like asymmetrical lopsided retarded sh**? Lol! PS4> xboner 180

          • Jimbot

            The sticks match your hands coming from a PC game a lot better, stick your fingers on Shift, A, W, D, and Space then rotate your hand so your thumb is up and in the same position and it fits the location on the Xbox controller. On a PS controller your left thumb is jammed way down which is awkward coming from a PC.

      • HJB

        You think the analogue stick placement is better on Xbox? Well, someone’s bound to…

        I myself like them in the right place, being symmetrical.

    • PantherCrane

      I can’t tell the difference between the ds3 and ds4, so what are you talking about? It’s really the same design to tell the truth!

      • CommanderCharmander

        It’s been the same basic design since the ds1

        • yourbutthole

          It’s a stupid argument, it all boils down the personal preference.. Xbots go home….

          • Basukua

            but the sonyboyz can stay?

        • Carl

          That’s a bit like saying that the new Queen Elizabeth class ships are the same basic design as the HMS Ark Royal because both are aircraft carriers…

      • H3ADWOUND81

        Are you blind? Touch pad, there’s no start or select, analog sticks are different, the controller connection lights on top (1to4) have been swaped for a blue light bar & the under carriage has been changed for grip.. Apart from that, it’s pretty much the same yeah.. I think Ms have completely reinvented the xbone controller! (#notmuchdifferent)

        • cursealoud

          Sony also added a headphone jack in the control which they took from MS. The bluetooth attempt with the DS3 was horrible.

          • Doan

            Bluetooth attempt with DS3?

          • Carl

            I think he means that with the PS3 one can use a Bluetooth headset instead of a wired one that plugs into the controller.

            Design wise, the dual shock 4 is a far greater deviation from the previous design than the One’s controller, which is very nearly identical to the 360 controller (the main difference being filling in the ‘dip’ at the top).

            Although the DS4 shares a superficial design similarity in its overall shape to the previous PS controllers, there is a great deal of difference with more curves, a rounder shape overall (no straight edges). It’s clearly of the same design family, but is noticeably different, far more so than the One.

          • Jimbot

            I can’t stand the stick locations on the PS controllers coming from a PC, your left thumb is jammed in a weird spot compared to the Xbox where the left stick matches where your thumb would be on a keyboard to hit space while playing a game.

          • liam

            Sony were the first to put concave analogs on the predecessor to the dualshock, I guess Microsoft took that from Sony.
            Every company takes good ideas from other companies.

          • more than that

            And two analog sticks, R3 and L3, vibrators inside the grips, two shoulder buttons…

          • lu

            nah. been useing the same ps3 bluetooth since i got my ps3. had to replace my 360 headset 3 times. the bluetooth is way less annoying and hopefully theyll have a option for it on ps4

        • Basukua

          Tbh they have addeda lot of minor features and fixes to the x1 controller since the design of the 360 controller is by far the best design…

          and the general layout and look of the ds4 is very simlar in apperance but just with a bunch of terrible features chucked on top to seem more futuristc and to make devs use this feature for minor tasks… opening doors, throwing grenades etc.. theres a reason why physical buttons are still the thing ya know

      • Michael Godfrey

        Ok, that’s just plain silly. There is a clear difference between the two

  • Russell Gorall

    The only thing they could do more is put the left analog where the 360 has it, though then they would get crap for basically making an MS copy.

    Not sure about the touchpad, but the retooled shoulder and triggers, better and easier to handle tops to the sticks… about 199% better.

    That being said, the 180 controller just looks better.

    • Playmaker

      Xbone wins imo also. analogs are just in better spots.

    • Kamille

      the d-pad would be rendered useless then, but with the DualShock’s set-up both are still relevant. Even with the new d-pad on the XB1’s controller nobody’s gonna use it anyway because its location is very uncomfortable but because the analog sticks are slightly elevated then the DualShock’s set-up is much more versatile for fighting games and shooters alike.

    • Axe99

      As per comment above, offset analogues don’t make sense unless you’ve got some kind of deformity. If thumbs work better with the stick in a high position, why aren’t both sticks high? If they don’t, why aren’t the sticks symmetrical so that you can keep your shoulders level, or the pad level? It’s an odd design choice, given how humans are designed (again, notwithstanding those who have one arm significantly longer than the other).

      Both pads look like clear improvements though, and very good for gaming. Rumble in triggers in XB1 looks to add immersion, and touchpad on DS4 looks to add gameplay options – would be surprised if both don’t copy each other on these points down the track. Am glad DS4 stayed symmetrical though, as my arms are of equal length and my hands of the same shape :).

      • Russell Gorall

        The offset on the left is for the main directional movement. It just works better.

        Not sure what to tell you, when you drive a stick shift do you wonder why the gears aren’t up on the dash just to the right of the steering wheel? Is it because your right arm has no elbow joint? No, it just works better and always has.

        I am sure you have an alternate analogy, this could go on for days.

        I have been using both gamepads for years, the offset analogs just work better and feel more natural.

        • Michael Godfrey

          Have you ever driven a manual transmission car?

          comparing holding a little controller in your hands is a LOT different from driving a car by holding onto a steering wheel

    • Michael Godfrey

      I saw a cool controller once. I doubt t would have worked well, but it was the basic design of the PS Dual Analogue controller, BUT the D-pad and left stick could come out and swap round places, whilst still retaining the same functions. Sure, it probably worked like crap, but it was an interesting idea

  • geekgamerz

    that xbox one controller looks shocking!

  • Blaze Blue

    playstation controller looks so fucking ugly. Joysticks are in the wrong position every single thing is so far apart

    • Jeremy Filth

      They’ve been in the right position for 15+ years now.

      • PantherCrane

        No they haven’t..

        • Carl

          You’re thinking of the xbox controller, where everything’s in moronic positions that are completely useless for gaming.

    • Doan

      Everything is far apart? Did you look at the comparison picture? Swap the left joystick and directional pad and both controllers are nearly identical, with nearly identical spacing between each button.

  • tony greg

    PS4 controller looks sick! Can’t wait

    • Andrew Orr

      PS4. It really does everything.

  • Orlɛanž

    The xbox one controller does look like the same one MS advertised. This one looks a lot uglier.

    • Blaze Blue

      Playstation controller looks redundant and hard to play a real good fps gaming session with that crap

      • Joseph Lan

        How many hours have you played FPS using the Dualshock 4?

      • H3ADWOUND81

        Haters gonna hate…. Xbox go home…. Haha…

        • Blaze Blue

          I’m not hating on a ass clown controller

      • Carl

        “Good” and “FPS” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. There hasn’t been a truly good pure FPS since Medal of Honor Allied Assault (and MoH Frontline on the consoles). Con of Duty 57 is crap, Battlefake 41 is crap. The age of the cut n paste FPS nonsense is gone, long live action, RPG, racing and strategy games.

  • Rocamx

    I tried both controllers and the xbox one is far far away better than the DS4

  • Rocamx

    I tried both controllers and the xbox one is far far away better than the Ds4

    • Mangaka

      I doubt you tried either of them.

  • Guest

    Awww look at all the cute paupers defending their poorly made PauperStation4 controller with redundant features.

    • crispenwah

      and the xbox 180 controller is designed for the likes of you, the special people

      • Guest

        The 1337s.

    • Tim Tsai

      Who in the world even uses the word “pauper” anymore?

    • Carl

      One has to laugh at those calling it the ‘pauperstation’ because it costs less when these are the same people mocked the ps3 for its high price tag at launch

  • big_stem

    The Xbox controller looks like a toy you buy your children. The PS4 controller looks like something you go to war with ;)

    • Blaze Blue

      no you are looking at the new ps4 controller, it looks like crap and it would be shitty for gaming.

      • liam

        Both controllers will be good for gaming!

        • Blaze Blue

          Yes i am a fanboy

          • Mangaka

            …who cares its a fucking controller, just buy a different model when it comes out.

          • liam

            Lol, very sad.

    • PantherCrane

      And you’ll be the first to get shot down!

  • Bobby Griffin

    xbox always had the better controller

    • Axe99

      If you have asymmetric thumbs or arms :P. I hold me X360 controller at an angle for OH&S reasons (so my shoulders are still level – better for your back) so that the sticks are on the same level – so all the face buttons are at an angle – DS3 is much better from my perspective (although the hand-grips aren’t as comfortable – DS4 looks like the best of both worlds). I know a lot of people prefer the off-set sticks, but I have no idea why – the thumb can manage a full range of movement in both positions (and if it can’t, why aren’t both sticks ‘high’? Just seems wierd to have one high and one low).

  • PantherCrane

    If the 360 has/had the better most popular controller, then it’s a giving by design default that the XBO will be the better controller plain and simple!

    • Axe99

      How do you measure the most popular controller? Just because most journos are Yanks, and the 360 is dominating in the US so most journos are more familiar with it, doesn’t make it more popular globally (or over time, but we won’t go there as the offset stick layout doesn’t stand a chance). As for better, the d-pad improvements to the XB1 pad means it’ll be a contender for the first time (at the moment, I can do more reliably on the DS3 than I can on the 360 pad because of the atrocious d-pad – if that isn’t how you define better (ie functionality), then you’re welcome to suggest another).

      • bigevilworldwide

        The 360 hasn’t been dominating anything in months…It’s been firmly in 3rd place in the US since Nov 2012, which is pretty sad considering it had a year head start on the PS3.

  • albertovillalobossolano

    As a PS Fanboy I have to say that the DS4 design is ugly, uglier than ds3, uglier than xbox one cotroller, but it doesn’t really matter anyways

  • dav

    The x1 dpad looks like sh*t compared to the ps4 one..

    but overall i like the design of the x1 controller better

  • aWOOT!

    That PS4 controller is fucking huge! I won’t ever be able to reach those buttons. What was Sony thinking? Well, thats it then, I’m getting an Xbox One…

    (Another useless article)

  • http://www.facebook.com/s3di.Oo Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    is it just me or DS4 controller looks a but like frog O.o

    and its really huge bad move sony bad move

  • IchiYamamoto

    I liked the thinness of the PS3/2/1 controllers.
    Though, I welcome this change. Not looking forward to the wear in the touchpad – as you can see the grease rub-in on it.

  • paul rolland

    Cant wait, everyone that got a chance to use it says its awesome, plus you dont need battery’s for it =3

  • ps3 pad sucks

    Always hated the ps3 controller, the 360 pad was perfect and great for shooters, guess sony fucked up again, the ps3 pad is dreadful for shooter.

    • paul rolland

      Ps3 pad wasn’t that bad for Fps games, 360 was better tho for any other type of games the 360 pad sucked

    • Carl

      Are you kidding? The PS controller fits perfectly in the hand, the xbox controller is ungainly, badly laid out and gets painful to hold after using it for more than 30 minutes. Sony wins the controller design – again.

      • Blaze Blue

        Are you just shooting out desperate words . By far Xbox controller has proven itself to be the best choice for gaming . So many people approves this

  • Jake Greene

    too bad DS4 handles now look like two chodes.

    • koloco1980

      And everyone knows how fun it is to play with just one.

  • lt.dan

    I feel like the photos are a little deceptive.

  • booger

    New Xbox controller looks like shit and yes I’m a fanboy haha did ya see what I did there ???

    • John Joe Silver

      i get it ha

  • Ahmed Abd El Salam

    that’s best news for my hand

  • Michael Godfrey

    Seriously, why all the hate for the PS controllers? I don’t get it.
    It’s like as soon as the 360 came out loads of gamers hands suddenly got messed up so now they can’t use any other controller without crying about how it’s the worst design ever.

  • Mangaka

    A bigger ps3 remote was always available at half the price of the original.

  • Mangaka

    The thing I like most with the ps4 remote is it looks easier to keep clean since its so bubbly.

  • WoWed

    I have big hands and am so tired of small controllers. Thank god i won’t have to buy 3rd party controllers for the next gen.

  • Dee Hines

    they both look kind of crappy to me.

  • v

    love sony..and ps4 will pwn all day but…new controller looks like something you get with a dollar store game system.

    • v

      ..aaand so does the xbox1 controller..all xbox controllers looked that way..

  • Didn’t

    Why does every one like the touch pad it’s useless, but at least the controller changed cuz seriously haven’t you gotten tired of the same boring thing

  • ThatControllerGuy

    In My opinion Controllers are taking to much time to make the controllers and consoles look Futuristic.When i use my ps3 i take my controller to alot of places because it is small and compact. Dual shock 4 however is going to be that bit harder to take places due to the size. They have gone for so much quality that they have forgotten size matters too!!

    • Controllers.

      Controller Company’s.

  • Dobby

    At least SONY still makes comfortable controllers. The XBOX controllers are looking less and less like controllers and more and more like Batarangs.

  • Mark Johnson

    I find the touchpad in the middle a little perplexing. I actively avoid my laptop touchpad, why would i need one on my controller? It probably is useful i just cant determine how. I mean, cant i use my smartphone for the same purpose? If you asked me (before its release) what was one thing i would add to a controller i would have never have thought “touchpad.” Im not hating, i really am not quite sure why its there…

  • Raffi

    I would say both the xbox one and the ps4 controllers really lack the sleekness of their predecessors

  • Cole2999

    So, in other words, Sony refined a flawed design whilst Microsoft did nothing to their tried-and-true controller?
    No one can deny that the size of all current and past Playstation controllers were sized by using a child’s hands. And by child I mean 2-4 years old.
    It’s not like I have massive hands; quite the contrary, in fact. I am 16 and my index finger is only 3.5-4 inches long. As I said, my hands and miniature, yet I STILL feel like a giant while holding their controllers.
    What I’m trying to say is that it seems the author is insinuating that the PS4 controller will be better because it has been updated whereas the Xbox One controller is essentially the same. This is wrong.
    I’m not saying saying that the DS4 is not better, in any way. I’m just saying that isn’t why it is better if it was the better one.

    • Alkaporty

      That’s weird, I have quite huge hands and never had a problem with Playstation controllers, so that’s all about personal matters.

  • Manoj Varughese

    Again doesn’t matter to me one bit. Technically it provides a better grip for my hands

  • Manoj Varughese

    And the problem with that xbox controller is in the looks.

  • Marshall

    Fuck all of you. PS controllers were always better in my opinion because this: Hold the controller, don’t do anything. Feel where the sticks are, and don’t think about your Xbox controller. The PSX/PS2/PS3 controllers all used the same exact design when dualshock came out because the analog sticks are in the perfect position, your left thumb doesn’t run into and rub against your left hand, while still putting your thumbs in the best spot, where they would normally sit when you aren’t holding anything, so you don’t get sore hands. Gamers don’t want to be uncomfortable the whole time and get a split second of comfort when they move their thumb to activate that kill streak. They want to have a comfortable experience when holding the controller, that will allow them to sprint across the battlefield without losing grip, because their hands slip thanks to the analog stick design. And your fingers are parked right in that sweet spot between the shoulder buttons, and you can kill someone easily pressing L1 aiming down sights, then R1 to shoot, and your hands don’t slip, since it is the top buttons you shoot with, and you throw your grenades with L2 and R2, which your hand still doesn’t slip, since your precious little button doesn’t sit inside and make the entire transition between controller and button doesn’t become one, but it has a slight curve to it, and the button sits perfectly level with the surface, but curves, so you can’t lose it. And the button fits entirely under your finger, not just on the tip, or halfway through, but under the first two joints from tip to base. The face buttons, are flat, and ergonomically made, so your thumb isn’t having a nerve pinched, when you press X, Square, Triangle, or Circle.

    Last, then probably the second or third best reason the PS controller is better: They all have pressure sensitive face buttons. So when playing HD MGS on XBOX, you press the weapon fire button for that, and you can’t hold the gun without firing. Or stab instead of slash the knife. You’ve got to press the left stick down to knife, when equipped with that. On PlayStation, Square, when held lightly, will aim rapid fire weapons in the game instead of firing them, holding them down harder does the deed.

    With the knife in MGS3, Tapping square will slash, while holding it down will instead stab. Pistols in the game, holding square aims, releasing square fires. Maybe this post helps you XBOX fans realize that XBOX isn’t completely and utterly better, just because you feel more comfortable using it, have you ever actually used a PS3 before? I doubt you have, cause half of you here are calling us Sony people Fanboys, simply cause we say, “In my opinion, PS is better because it feels more right than XBOX, which isn’t conformed to fit comfortably in your hands.” The key word there is opinion. It’s our opinion PlayStation is better, because we feel more comfortable using that. PlayStation was made to satisfy those more like us. They don’t charge us to play online, because they aren’t cheap, and want more people to enjoy being able to just hop on their favorite game, and instantly play online. Not make them go through a complete billing setup, and ban them from online play when they don’t have enough money on their credit card to pay for online playing service.

    • Marshall

      Not only that, but the PlayStation controllers have something you can wrap your hand around easily. Xbox doesn’t really have anything for you to grab, kinda just have to let it rest in your hands, and grab it with your bottom fingers, not all but pointer and thumb.

      • Jack Daniels

        That is the largest crock of shit I have possibly ever read. Still though it was interesting to see your points but NOT ONCE have I ever heard of some one bitching about the analog stick placement on the xbox controller and how it hurts their hand. Never, until now. Like wtf, more comfortable experience? I mean it is all a matter of opinion, you stated that yourself, but you’re taking a big ass leap of faith to say you doubt that even half of us have ever played on one. I’ve played one and imo its controller isn’t as comfy as the 360’s. I think the trigger and bumper design is better than the ps3’s and same with the analog stick placement. As for your MGS argument with buttons being pressure sensitive and what not, I think that idea is really cool but that game was designed for playstation in the first place so it’s gonna support some things the ps3 can that the xbox can’t. Support for a feature like that wouldn’t be added to a game that was going to be released on both consoles. Now as for Sony not being cheap because they don’t charge for MP… They ARE cheap for that reason. I mean why do you think xbox get’s the majority of dlc before ps3 or PC? The $60 people pay every year helps MS pay for a better online experience.

        P.S. I prefer to have the controller comfortably resting in my hand rather than having to white knuckle the bitch.

        • Alkaporty

          Well that makes two, ’cause I, too, hate the placement of the analog sticks on the Xbox 360, the LB/RB, and I truly hate the D-pad, worst thing I ever seen and the Xbox One controller doesn’t look like much of a improvement to me.

          And Microsoft are charging people because they have their own servers for games so they can maintain a certain quality, unlike PS3 which are on the games themselves. And most of the games on PS3 have the same online quality then Xbox 360.
          You literally pay to have a control on online quality, you don’t pay so Microsoft make the online better than the standard quality, do you know how ridiculous this sounds?

          Sony are cheap? Lol that one’s good, like if Microsoft or any other big corporation were generous. Sony gave more than 60 games since the beginning of PS Plus, don’t say they are cheaper than Microsoft because you have your DLCs a month earlier.

  • cyrylthewolf

    I’m FOR this. The PS3 controller makes the meaty parts of my hands hurt after prolonged gameplay.

  • da busyness

    the ps4 controller looks nasty imo, the bulky and curved look reminds me too much of the n64 controller which was also gamer’s thumb nightmare. btw the ps4 console’s shaped like a pink pearl eraser ;P

  • weedow-what

    xbox controller = keyboard

  • Guilcrone

    …then no one going to tell that DS controllers are so small for your hands…

  • Kay

    Guys understand it’s just opinions. I think both controllers look ugly, PS4 controller looks bulky and fat, and Xbox One controller looks like it has alot of unnecessary space. I like Xbox One however. Now for the PS4 is superior crap.

  • Guest

    why can’t we all get along we are all gamers but with different opions. If i had the choice i would get both cause theyre both amazing consoles

  • Pomerz

    Ps4 controller is the ugliest piece of shit ive seen. srs

    • dave mcnair

      Jealous much that top fps devs claim its superior? HA in ur face poor xbone fanboy. Enjoy cod on ur weak paywalled ad filled tivo box

  • microSucks

    playsation gets better with every version… while xbox gets worse… lol fucking microsoft lol…

  • andrew

    As a person who like simplicity (My computer wallpaper was the color grey for a month) I have liked the xbox 360 controller far more than the ps3 controller, which feels like I could snap it with my bare hands if I really wanted to. The xbox one controller goes farther into the realm of “simple design, high functionality” while the ps4 controller looks like a mess, honestly.

    Also, to weigh in on the analog stick war, I think that although the symmetry of the ps controllers is nice, to use both at the same time feels awkward and bumbling, and it leaves the d-pad in a strange place.The xbox controller makes more sense as far as seamless gameplay. On the right side, you will most likely be focused on the buttons, which coincide with the analog stick on the left side, which you will also be more likely to use at any given time. FPS games the exception, I suppose, but it still doesn’t feel awkward then.

    I don’t mean to sound like an xbox fanboy. I actually think the ps4 is a far superior choice overall.

  • JustAGamer

    I think they look ugly controller and Console wise -_- but I will end up buying one off these things, which later they will end up releasing a slicker sexier version anyway

  • Andrew Orr

    Hopefully the PS4’s big controller won’t be a problem like the Xbox 1’s original controller before they came out with the Xbox controller S

  • Midori Inaba

    Big controller, for adult hands, for adult gamers.
    I actually think the DS3 was a bit small for some. I mean, it fits well in my hands, but some of my male friends were like. “This damn thing is too small”
    The 360 controller was an important factor for last gen. I got both Arkham games in 360 just because of the controller (Origins on PS3 cause exclusive skins) but the point being, I think this is a GREAT thing for PlayStation, and I’ve heard arround how proud Sony is of the DS4.