Driveclub’s February 2015 1.11 Update Detailed

driveclub screenshot 6

Driveclub’s new update has gone live and you can download it when you boot the game. The update adds a new track and also features some performance improvements.

There have been a lot of updates to the game and Driveclub is looking like an incredible racer and a must own for PS4.

There is also a new multiplayer game mode which is a team time trial and it will go live on February 18h.

You can find the full details below.

Update 1.11 features & improvements…

» Adds a new Multiplayer game mode: Team Time Trial (available Feb 18th).
» Adds a new track offering 2 variants: Kobago in Japan.
» All add-on Tours have new progress requirements: You need 8 Stars (previously 12) to progress to the second stage and 22 Stars (previously 27) to open up the final Championship.
» Adds the ability to choose from a collection of factory Paint Jobs during vehicle selection prior to an Event.
» Adds the option to enable the Rev Counter in cockpit view.
» Decreases the threshold on the manumatic downshift limiter to allow players to downshift earlier.
» Reduces the drying time for rain splatter on the screen when in Chase Cam.
» Implements ghosting under certain conditions in Multiplayer races to prevent track blocking.
» Allows the ‘Contender’ and ‘Unbeatable’ Trophies to be unlocked even if the challenges expire when you are not online.
» Includes a number of minor bug fixes, performance improvements and usability tweaks.

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