Driveclub March Update is Incredible: Replays are in, and More

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Driveclub is getting better and better as Evolution are working hard to add more content and features to the game. It’s a completely different game than it was before when it launched and the March 2015 update adds replays so that you can watch those lovely crashes and speedy maneuvers again.

The replays will be available for all single events and tours. You can also view a replay later from the replays section. You can also use the photmode from within a replay at any point.

  • Introduces a new Driver Level 50 reward: You can now unlock the Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione for your Garage
  • Refines Drift Mode scoring to increase the points scored for momentum, control and staying on the track
  • Adjusts the drag reduction when veering off road, so that accidentally leaving the track slows you down more gradually
  • Adjusts the drag penalty on world collisions, to remove the possibility of gaining any advantage after colliding with a wall
  • Adds the option to control screen brightness in-game (in Display Options)
  • Adds the option to change the volume levels on individual SFX channels (in the Settings Menu for Audio)
  • Adds the option to make the AI opponents in a Single Event drive in the same car as the one the player chooses
  • Adds the option to select factory paint jobs for AI opponents (enable in Display Options)
  • Removes the voicechat icon for any player you have chosen to mute in Multiplayer while you are driving
  • Adds new categories for downloaded Livery Packs within the Bonus Designs in Customisation
  • Adds status information about friends playing DRIVECLUB to the Social Hub
  • Immediately centres the camera view automatically when you reset to the track with the Touchpad button
  • Adds support for live streaming via Twitch and Ustream while playing Multiplayer
  • Improves the atmospheric visual effects further by improving heathaze and introducing mirages, which are visible on the road when light is refracted by hot air
  • Includes more minor bug fixes, performance improvements and usability tweaks

The update is not live yet and we will update you once it goes live. Stay tuned to Gamechup.

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