DriveClub: Here’s a list of the first 35 cars (screenshots)

driveclub screenshot 21

DriveClub will be out next month and we’ve seen Evolution Studios releasing more gameplay material and information about the game. A Reddit member has compiled the list of the first 35 cars and they look stunning.

The game will feature lots of supercars and they are all detailed to perfection, at least, that’s what the gameplay videos and screenshots tell us.

It is exclusive to the PS4 and the game will also be released on PS + although it won’t contain all the content. DriveClub was delayed before and it looks like the delays were worth it as the game looks incredible.

Check out cars below and let us know what you think about them.


    Wow, they look so realistic!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That’s because they actually aren’t screenshots. Someone is very confused.
      They’re actually real life pictures or renders from the cars’ manufacturers.

    • guest931

      You don’t normally comment on a real-life photo saying it looks realistic :P