DriveClub Director Explains the reason for leaving Evolution Studios

driveclub screenshot 6

DriveClub director Col Rodgers who left Evolution Studios has explained the reason for his move. He reveals that he left Sony on good terms and it had nothing to do with the recent redundancies.

“The personal reasons being that my son, who is 4 years old, has been diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, which is a potentially life threatening condition. I live 220 miles (4 hours drive) away from Evolution Studios, and was away from home 5.5 days a week. Given the circumstances, I could not continue to work there,” he posted on GAF.

He also gave a little status update on DriveClub and also lashed out at insider Pete Dodd for posting inaccurate information.

“Driveclub is a great game, and the direction hasn’t changed since my departure. This has been confirmed by SONY in various press releases over recent days,” he revealed.

“I’ve contacted Mr. Dodd on his email address on his site. Due to the factual inaccuracy of his statements, I’ve informed him that he needs to remove the statements and apologise for the damage they have caused, as posting incorrect information and claiming it’s true is quite simply libel.”

Sony will be revealing the release date for the game soon, according to a recent press release from them.